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Improving Relationships and boosting your Libido with Naturopathic Dr. Leah Gordon from Tribe Medicine

November 19, 2019

In today's episode you will learn more about the imbalances that contribute to low libido, or low sex drive with our guest Dr Leah Gordon from Tribe Medicine. Dr Leah Gordon is a licensed naturopathic doctor and integrates conventional, functional, traditional, and natural modalities into her medical practice. She is passionate about educating people about low libido and the underlining causes that contribute to a low sex drive.

She believes this imbalance is often not discussed, addressed, or remedied, yet it plagues so many people. This can be a sign that something is off with your hormones, your nervous system, your relationships, or your lifestyle. It can be rooted in past trauma, past conditioning, or untrue belief systems. Low libido in long-term relationships is incredibly common but it doesn’t have to be our tribe’s reality.  This episode will give you insight and tangible tips on how to address low libido or low sex drive.

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