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Navigating Mindful Intimacy and Embodying the Pelvic Floor with Sexological Bodyworker Maggie Flood

April 9, 2019

Today Maggie Flood joins us on the podcast for an absolutely fascinating conversation! Maggie is an acupuncturist, internationally certified sexological bodyworker and an herbalist.  Maggie helps create an experience through which women can explore the most sacred area of themselves through the lens of embodiment. She holds space for women to learn to release the shame that brings physical and emotional pain, she brings them to a place where their bodies will allow themselves to heal.

As an acupuncturist she offers relief from pain, as an herbalist she helps bring internal physiological balance, and as a sexological bodyworker she brings recognition of the physical and emotional patterns that hold women back from their full potential of healing. Her life’s work is to assist in the creation of the movement of somatic understanding, to help give rise to a new kind of body empowerment for women, by women.

Topics we discuss are

  • Maggie’s personal story with sexual trauma
  • Common causes of pelvic floor pain and trauma
  • Creating healthy intimacy with yourself and partners
  • Birth control, Fertility, Postpartum
  • Vaginal mapping and the body’s boundaries
  • How emotional intimacy and external stressors impact arousal and orgasms

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